Graham Ellard & Stephen Johnstone




A suite of three 16mm films

Online screening at springseason

Premiering from 26 February 2021 parts one, two and three of the film will be screened on consecutive evenings at 18:00 (GMT) and then remain on the springseason website. Pattern will be followed on 1 March with a screening of For an Open Campus.

Pattern brings together three films concerned with craft, the hand, the hand made, slowness and film itself.






16mm film installation

Royal Academy of Arts, London
Weston Studio Gallery

26 September - 6 November 2019

FOSSIL focuses on the Royal Academy’s collection of historic architectural casts, copies of antique columns, capitals and friezes. They were once used as teaching aides at the RA Schools. But, since the Architecture School closed in the 1950s, these casts were hidden behind temporary walls. This film records the precarious revealing of the casts and their ungainly demounting. Their removal was undertaken by hand, using webbing, ropes, pulleys and physical strength in much the same way that they were installed in the mid-nineteenth century. Periods of intense colour punctuate the immersive, large-scale film projection. In these sequences, the casts evoke Jean Painlevé’s eerie underwater films of crustaceans, molluscs and seahorses, or the encrusted shipwrecks in Jacques Cousteau’s early film, Silent World. The casts are re-imagined as ancient life forms, now fossilized, that have been secreted from the walls of the RA Schools Studios. The installation includes a number of other elements including several casts from the RA Collection, selected by the artists.

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The Garden in Late Autumn, and Early Summer

16mm film transferred to 2K video

The film centres on a geodesic dome built in the early 1970s in a residential garden in south London. The dome was built from instructions published in ‘The Dome Cookbook’ published in San Francisco in 1968 drawing on the Utopian thinking that the dome’s designer, Buckminster Fuller, was so central to. The film interweaves images of the aging dome in late autumn, with sequences of the owner, in early summer, sitting in a perfectly unchanged 1970s interior as she talks about why and how the dome was made, with the help of her copy of ‘The Dome Cook Book".

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Denchu Hirakushi House & Atelier, Tokyo

19 - 28 July 2019



An Aerial Sensibility: Notes on Franco Albini, Caterina Marcenaro and a Museum of Floating Objects

An essay for Afterall online

Artists Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone consider the radical museum and exhibition display design of Franco Albini

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Anthony McCall: Notebooks and Conversations

Book; hardback, 192 pages, 160 colour illustrations. March 2015.

Published by Lund Humphries, in association with Kunstmuseum St Gallen, Switzerland.

Formed from a series of discussions that took place over the last decade between McCall and the artists Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone the book charts the development of Anthony McCall's studio practice. With an introductory essay 'Thinking in Notebook Form' the book includes numerous facsimile reproductions of pages from McCall's extensive archive of notebooks.

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